The theme of SNAF 2015 is

Architecture Is A Verb

- Innovation in architecture education

When cities grow, when climate changes, when people migrate, when demography changes, our human environment changes and architecture needs to change with it.


While SNAF 2014 focused on the scale and the speed of change, SNAF 2015 will focus on the role and contents of architectural education. When architecture changes, we need to innovate the way in which we construe it. We need to rethink the agency of architecture: what architecture does, how it interprets and how it shapes our future environments.


The starting point of this work must be to innovate the way in which we educate the architects who are going to design those future environments. How do we educate the next generation of architects to have relevant knowledge and skills, to renew the mandate of architecture and to have a meaningful and positive impact on our lives? Therefore, architecture to us is not merely objects of appreciation, but a series of creative, meaning-seeking actions leading us to define the future.


Architecture is a verb.


2015 Keynote speakers


2015 Schedule

9月28日 / September 28







Architecture is a Verb - Innovation in Architectural Education


I. Understanding architecture as a human process of social interaction and reflection, rather than the mere production of static objects.


II. Our understanding of architectural education as the preparation of young people to serve, produce and develop this architecture - emphasizing the intrinsic relationship between research, practice and education.


论坛主持/ Host:刘克成 LIU Kecheng





开幕致辞/ Opening speech:刘克成 LIU Kecheng / Ole Moystad



 主讲人:庄惟敏 ZHUANG Weimin


The Trend Architectural Education in China and The Open-ended Teaching of Architecture Design



主讲人:Carl Fredrik Lutken Shetelig


主旨报告二:TRANSark: investigations into architectural education as a transformative journey(易建——建筑教育革新之旅探求)



主讲人:Sixten Rahlff 西克斯滕•拉尔夫

主旨报告三:Integrating education and real life at the Bergen School of Architecture(卑尔根建筑学院:整合教育与生活)






主讲人:刘克成 LIU Kecheng

主旨报告四:自在具足 心意呈现 Design with Nature, Show Your Mind



主讲人:Ole Möystad乌拉•莫伊斯塔德

主旨报告五:Learning, thinking and doing architecture(学做建筑



主讲人:王欣 WANG Xin

主旨报告六:乌有园实验Arcadia Practice



互动环节/ Interactive Sessions







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SU Jing



WANG Ruoxi



About SNAF


The interaction between China and Norway in architecture can be dated back to the late 1980s. In 2011, while a group of students and teachers from the Faculty of Architecture and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, were working with their friends and colleagues at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology in Xi’an, for the 20th year running, professors LIU Kecheng and Ole Möystad agreed to gather a few colleagues from both schools in the auditorium of XAUAT. The idea was to present to each other, and to the students, what the professors were doing when they were outside the lecture hall. The auditorium was filled up, and both students and professors were excited.


The event was repeated in 2012, now with a poster outside the school. The interest was growing.


In 2013 external key note speakers were invited.


In 2015 we are looking forward to a program of 3 days on the theme of innovation in architecture education. In addition to the conference day on September 28th, there will be two days of meetings and seminars on possible Sino-Norwegian collaborations on research and professional levels. The forum is becoming a FORUM.


The local XAUAT-NTNU forum grew in scope and got a name: Sino-Norwegian Architecture Forum, and in 2014 the audience included professionals and students from all over Xi’an. The crowd was too big for the auditorium, and 150 people were following the conference on a big screen outside the auditorium. The hosting institutions now included Design Community Magazine of Tsinghua University, which published a special issue on the speakers and the theme of the conference: Fast & Curious.

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    Jun Minfei


    Li Xiaodong


    Ole Bouman


    Knut Ramstad



  • SNAF 2014 / click for more


    TOPIC: "Fast & Curious: Identifying Architecture in Fast Changing Cities".



    Robert Greenwood

    Partner of Snohetta Design and Architecture, and director of Snohetta South East Asia division


    Olav Kristoffersen

    Founding partner of Brendeland & Kristoffersen Architects.


    Johanne Borthne

    Architect and partner at Superunion Architects


    LIU Jiakun

    The founder and chief architect of Jiakun Architects.


    LIU Kecheng

    Dean of School of Architecture, XAUAT, Director of Shaanxi Conservation Engineering Institute of Monuments and Sites, Chief Architect of LKC Studio. He is also the Director of Architectural Heritage

    Committee in UIA Asian Pacific Section in 2009 and the First Chair of Docomomo China since 2013.


    MU Jun

    A young architect specialized in low-cost sustainable architectures in the northwest China and associate professor at XAUAT.








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